Girls Weekend Ideas: Why Not Napa Valley?

When the girls need to get away to rest, relax and unwind, there is no better place in California than Napa Valley. For the best girls weekend ideas a speedy search of the internet will reveal many options. Call the girls and start packing, because the fun begins as soon as the plane departs. Napa Valley vacation packages can offer you and your friends an experience like no other. Relax, sip wine, soak in the countryside as you bond and and enjoy being away and being together.

A girls getaway weekend will be a most treasured memory when the proper planning is done ahead of time. The options are numerous and the best girl getaways are the ones which are planned in such a way that once you have arrived, all the little details should already be taken care of and all you have to do is relax and have fun with your friends.

When it comes a great getaway idea, the Napa Valley hotels are beautiful and accommodating. A Napa Valley vacation will be well worth the expense. The choices are from the slightly ordinary to the highly extravagant. The usual hotel consumers would expect to find the chain hotels, for example, and the luxury spa hotels can be found. The amenities offered will dictate the price and of course, the spa hotels will offer quite a few more amenities and as such will garner a higher price. Most consumers realize that paying a higher price will result in better rooms, higher quality food, service, and all the little extras that consumers come to expect from a five star hotel. These large chain hotels and spa hotels will have excellent restaurants and exciting nightclubs that will allow the girls to get loose and let their hair down. The exhilarating nightlife is one of the biggest drawing features when it comes to a fun girl’s weekend getaway.

The spa hotels will be sumptuous and extravagant. Spa weekends are often at the top of the list for a girl getaway, and Napa Valley can give you and your friends this along with the wine tasting, cuisine, and outdoor excursions. The girls will soon be spoiled and pampered, with manicures, pedicures and of course the best in hair stylists and makeup experts.

For a quainter vacation a stay at a Napa Valley bed and breakfast can be the perfect vacation. These are unique and offer the consumer a more laid back environment and sometimes a more down home feel, yet with all the luxury amenities that consumer may have come to expect.

After the girls have unpacked and have enjoyed a fabulous meal, then the fun can really begin.  The Napa valley wine tours are a good place to start. The tours will generally include multiple stops to some of Napa Valley’s best wineries. Wine varieties such as red, sparkling and white may be sampled and enjoyed. A picnic lunch may be included and some of the wineries will offer cheese and crackers as a part of the wine tasting experience.

The experience would not be complete without luxurious massages, decadent foods and experiencing the scenic beauty and the charming lifestyle of the wineries. America has beautiful mountains, deep blue oceans and the tranquil and peaceful beauty that can only be experienced when visiting the California countryside.

The girls will not need much coaxing to pack their suitcases when being invited to vacation in one of the supreme vacation destinations in the United States and even the world. The most fun getaways are the ones where good friends can get together and enjoy wine, food, fun and memories. The hardest part of the planning will be deciding which place stay, one of the luxury hotels, a lodge or a quaint and beautiful bed and breakfast.

So, get the ladies together and plan your getaway. Girls weekend ideas are endless, but choosing a vacation in Napa Valley is an unforgettable. The more time a consumer may have to plan in advance the better the vacation will be.

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