Glamping – Glamorous Camping on a Whole New Level

Do you and your girls enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, but don’t like the idea of of “roughing it”?  Luxury camping holidays is the perfect vacation solution for your girl getaway.  One would never have thought the two words luxury and camping would fit together.  They even made a word for it …glamping.  Luxury camping has become a growing trend over the last few years, and is definentley a cool camping idea. It’s a perfect fit if you love being outside to connect with nature yet don’t enjoy sleeping on hard ground or starting a fire. This type of camping brings you a five star hotel experience along with the serenity of nature into one fabulous adventure that you and your friends will never forget.

Luxurious camping brings the best of both worlds to you in several different ways.   Many campsites are equipped with different types of lodging; such as cottages, yurts, tents and even tipis! By no means whatsoever will your room accommodations be  small. You will find you have plenty of room to get a good nights rest by sleeping on a luxurious bed.   Some luxury campsites are even equipped with butlers and maids to provide you with room service.  There are several awesome ways to get a great outdoor experience.

Many campgrounds offers a variety of services to be surrounded by nature.   If you want to be pampered during your camping trip, then El Capitan Canyon in California on the Southern coast offers relaxing massages with  marvelous scenery.  There are plenty of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, target shooting, hot air balloon rides and you can even have a luxurious hiking holiday by ending it with some amazing spa services!

Glamping takes camping to a whole new level.  If you are ready to experience the finest outdoor adventure while sitting in the lap of luxury, then go on a luxury camping holiday.  It is a memorable experience that you and the girls will never forget.

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