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Looking to get the best deal on your next golf vacation for the next girlfriend getaways?  It’s worth taking the time to a little investigation before planning your next vacation.  There are a few secrets for getting the best for your bucks.  You can still get the golf on top-notch courses and stay at the most fabulous resorts, by doing a little bit of footwork ahead of time.

Book your golfing vacation during off peak season.

Winter is no longer the peak season for golf courses.  You can get a great deal of cash by reserving during this season.  Many courses offer discounted rates beginning January through the 1st of April.   The off peak seasons will vary dependent upon the demographics. Visit websites of golf courses and call to check out when they offer the off peak rates.

Play during non peak times

Did you know that the time of the day you tee off could save you some cash?   Waking up early to play a round of golf could save you up to $30 at some courses.   Alternatively playing late could do so as well. Rates may also  vary on specific days of the week as well.  Be sure to check out the rates for tee off times to plan accordingly.

Look for one night free deals at resorts.

Many hotels and resorts offer one night off specials.  In some cases, on the thrid or fourth night of your stay you can snag a night for free.   Some of the top resorts offer these deals.  Thats’ bargain worth keeping an eye out for!

Do a bit of research to land the best deals on your girls golf vacation.  Book during the off peak season.  Tee off during off peak times.  Keep your eyes peeled for special deals at resorts. You and the girls could save some serious cash to fund your next girl getaway excursion!!!

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