Golfing Vacations at Pebble Beach

Looking for the best of the best in golfing vacations for your girlfriend getaways?   Then Pebble Beach Resorts is the place to go!  Pebble Beach has hosted the U.S Open in 2010, 2000, 1992, 1982 and 1972.  Imagine teeing off on the same greens as the pros do. This resort offers some of the most beautiful and famous golf courses. What you’ll experience is amazing accommodations, dining, spa services, and so much more!

Pebble Beach has the most marvelous golf courses.  Prepared to have your breath taken away when you step foot on theses courses.   The most famous of these courses is the Pebble Beach Golf Links.  It has been names the the greatest public golf course in the United States.  Golf Links was the site this years 2010 Open.  This course is perfect for golfers who want a challenging course to tee off on.  The Golf Links isn’t the only challenging course you’ll find at Pebble Beach.

Spyglass Hill is known as one of the toughest golf courses in the world.  A fun fact about this course is that it gets it name from the book “Treasure Island.”   It is said that author Robert Lewis Stevenson wandered through the area to collect ideas for his novels. You can get an idea of how challenging this course is by the names of the holes.  The “Black Dog” and “Billy Bones” are the toughest holes on this famous, yet challenging  golf course.

If you are looking to improve your game then the Peter Hay golf course might be the choice to improve and brush your golfing skills.   This course is ideal for golfers of all skill levels.  Pebble Beach also offers the Golfing Academy to  get your golfing skill up to par.

Pebble Beach Resorts offer the ultimate pro experience for golfing vacations. Whether you are looking for a challenging course to tee off on, or just brushing up your skills.  This resort gives a world class golfing experience.

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