Hen Night Accessories that Make the Party

Hen night accessories personalize the party.  Party accessories for hen night can liven up and add some excitement on a girl’s night out and bachelorette party.   Planning ahead of time and coordinating the theme of the party along with the accessories will make hen night one you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you are the party planner then here are somethings to consider for creating a fun filled evening.   Choose the hen night theme first.  There are tons of ideas you can use.  Here a just a couple to get your creative juices flowing:  Sailor, cave woman, nurse, devil, playboy bunny, and the trashy bride.

Once you have decided on a theme then choose a location that suits the theme.   Believe it or not, there are many spots to fit various party themes.   Make sure your accessories do not violate the locations guideline.   Simple props like hats, horns are generally suitable for most places.

Once the location has been chosen, then it’s time to decide if you’ll be playing any games during hen night.  There are popular games like the scavenger dare.  A list full of dares is handed out the girls.  They must be completed by the end of the night. Novelties such as inflatables and blow up dolls add a bit of fun and laughter to the evening.  This will definitely make you and the girls the life of the party.

Another idea to do with accessories is to coordinate them to match your outfits.  This livens each of your outfits for the evening.  An added benefit is that you and the girls can find each with ease at a crowded night club.

Hen night accessories liven up the party and can make you the life of the party.  Decide what theme you will have for your party.  Choose the location.  Decide if you want coordinating outfits.  Get ready for the night of your life.

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