Hen Night T Shirts for the Unforgettable

Hen night t shirts make the perfect memorabilia for the your bachelorette party or getaway.  Ideas for making your own t shirts for hen night are endless.  The t shirts are perfect for letting it be known to the public that there is a bride to be in the house.  The shirts are message that you girls are on a mission to have the celebration of a lifetime.  Here some ideas to get the best design for your hen night.

If the party is on a tight budget, then a simple solution is to create your own t shirts.  Suggest various t shirt styles to the group.  Once you have reached an agreement grab some fabric paint and start brainstorming ideas.

The other option which is readily available is to go to online retailer and have them custom made. Get a list of sizes from all the girls who will be attending the party.  Next you will need to decide what design you want on the shirt.

If your hen night will be themed you may want a design to match.   You could even put a clever little slogan on your shirts, such as”Warning!  Bachelorette on the prowl!”   You may want to keep in mind if you are attending night clubs that the shirts fit the dress code.

Another great idea for a t shirt is to add a picture to the design.  This could be a goofy picture with the bride to be and all the girls, or the happy couple to be.   A final note is to make sure that everyone agrees on the choice of color before placing the order.   Colored t shirts make it so you and your party stand out in the crowd.  This could make it easy to find each other in a crowded place.

Hen night t shirts make a perfect piece of memorabilia for the bride to be and all who attend the celebration.   Have fun with the design and choose colors that you all can agree on.

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