4 Tips for a Safe Hiking Holiday with the Girls

Safety prevention is incredibly important on a hiking holiday with the girls, especially if you are not an experienced hiker. If you plan on hiking the trails on your cool camping trip, then there is some valuable safety precautions to follow for your hiking tour. It is crucially important to follow these guidelines as it could be a matter of life and death. These four tips will keep you safe, and keep you in good physical condition along the trails.

1. The first and most crucial tip for your hikes is to always prepare and plan the route ahead of time. Know the estimated time it will take on the trail you intend to hike. Communicate the details with a person at your camp or with the camp office, in the case you and your party do not make a timely arrival back to the campsite.  Accidents do happen out in the wilderness. The person at the camp can send out a search party quickly for rescue. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. The second tip will keep you in good physical health and condition on your hiking tour.  Carry a bottle of drinking water with you, no matter how the short the trail is.  Keeping hydrated is more important than eating because our bodies are made up with 80% water.   It is a good idea to have jerky or trail mix along with you as well, but water is the most crucial when hiking.

3. The third tip is wear the appropriate protective gear.  Pack suitable warm weather clothing along with waterproof gear to protect you from unexpected thunderstorms. If you are hiking out in warm weather climates, be sure to apply sunscreen and bring it along with you on the hike, hats can also help. Bug repellent is also a must to protect from biting insects.  Make sure your shoes are broken in BEFORE you begin your hike! There is nothing like blisters to ruin the rest of your trip.

4. Finally, bring a compass and a map with you . If you are a gadget kind of girl, then bring along a GPS device.This will prevent you from becoming lost on the hiking tour. You can also bring your cell phones, but these may not always work. Most often, trails are worn enough that you will not get lost, and it is VERY important to stay on these trails. Do not try and be overly adventurous and hike off of designated trails, this is when trouble can happen.

Remember these four tips on your hiking holiday are for your own personal safety.  If you don’t follow these steps it could result in major and even fatal accidents with you and your friends. Hiking holidays are very popular and fun, but only if you remain safe and comfortable and sure of where you are and where you are going.

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