The Top 3 Hiking Holidays for Your Girl Getaway

Are you and the girls ready for a real challenging outdoor adventure? If you are already fit and want to take an active girl vacation, then think about a cool camping trip with the girls, and add in some awesome hiking adventures. These hiking holidays will provide your girlfriend getaway with a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Here is a list of three great hiking spots:

Mount Whitney, California

Mount Whitney is three hours away from Los Angeles, California. This mountain is known for being the tallest mountain in the mainlands of the United States.  The trip to the top of the peak is for the most serious experienced hikers.  Only half of the hikers who have tried to reach the peak have made it. The trail to the summit is 22 miles long round trip. The reason why many do not make it to the top is due to fatigue and altitude sickness causing them turn back.  Although you may not make it to the peak, you can make it up to extreme points of interest and the view below is breathtaking!

If you are become the fortunate few to reach the mountain peak, you will experience a captivating view of 14,997 feet above sea level. This trail will provide you with the ultimate sense of accomplishment once you reach the peak.  If you are less seasoned hiker then this next park may be a good fit for you.

Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park located in Moab, Utah has a beautiful majestic scenery.  The trails are easy for the beginning hiker to tour because the filled ascents to make it difficult.  There are more challenging hikes available. The longest hiking trail is the Devils Garden Trail is 7 miles and takes you along the eight arches. If you have never been to Moab or Arches National Park, this is an awesome place to visit! The red rock arches up against the beautiful blue sky is gorgeous. Moab is only about 3 miles away and is a very nice town where you can also look into other hiking tours.

Zion National Park, Utah

The last hiking spot to explore is Zion National Park.  The beautiful backdrop is filled with amazing cliffs and canyons. Zion offers a variety of hiking trails from short distances to lengthy 8 mile hikes.   If you intend to go hiking overnight, plan ahead of time to get your back country permit. Again, Utah is one our favorite places to visit. You and your friends will not be sorry visiting this park.

If you want the best hiking experience for you and your friends choose from one of these hiking holiday spots.  For the ultimate challenge go to Mount Whitney.  Arches National Park is perfect for the beginners. Zion National Park is good choice for the novice and intermediate hikers.  No matter what spot you choose for your girl getaway, be prepared for a sense of accomplishment and challenge.

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