Las Vegas Getaways: Make it a Spa-tacular Visit!

Many great reasons abound as to why you should make Las Vegas your destination for a girlfriend getaway! First, there is the night life. Next is the shopping. And then you have the dining, awesome entertainment, and of course can try your luck at the tables. Now, I know some of that sparks your interest a city that never sleeps! Yet, did you know that a Las Vegas Getaway also offers a variety of well known and top spas?

The casinos have mirrored the luxuries and elegance of Greece, Rome, and Egypt and have incorporated salons that offer spa treatments from these exotic places. For example, at the well known Canyon Ranch you are able to enjoy The Middle Eastern Treatment while at the MGM Grand Spa you can relax with the Morning After Arabica (an exfoliating scrub of coffee, sea salts, and exotic oils).

Here are some of the top rated spas:

1. Spa Bellagio: Styled as a Tuscan town and with 54 treatment rooms, one of its well known spa treatments is the watsu. You are immersed in a pool of water that is the same temperature as your body.

2. Canyon Ranch at the Venetian: As mentioned above you can receive a wonderful Eastern Mediterranean Treatment here, but you can also climb a rock wall of 40 feet, listen to seminars on nutrition, and receive a wonderful massage!

3. Four Seasons Hotel: In the upper part of the Mandalay Bay Building, guests have unlimited use of steam rooms and meditative massages where you can choose your own exotic oils of fruits, spice, or flowers.

4. Spa Vita di Lago at the Ritz-Carlton: Okay, this is a place that is known for its spa treatment 101 package. It is a type of sampler package for those of us who are not familiar with spa treatments. You can also get guide tours in stargazing, hiking and mountain biking.

5. Paris Spa: With a French theme, you can get a massage on the rooftop, or their signature facial treatment based on the Balinese Therapies.

What is fun about a girlfriend getaway to Las Vegas is that you can almost literally leave your “old life” for a few days. You can relax in the lap of luxury during the day by either sitting under the cabanas at the pool or (window) shopping at the boutiques that have the major European labels such as Prada, Giorgio, and Armani. And then in the evening you can dress up for a night on the town with endless options for night clubs, dining and entertainment.

Then the next morning, you can have a spa day for yourself and friends. You WILL forget that the real world exists. There are many package deals for Las Vegas Getaways as well and can easily be found with a common search. One place that has worked well for me in the past is always checking out Travelzoo’s top 20 deals of the week. At the date of this post, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for four nights was $79.99.

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