Lightweight Suitcase: How to Find the Best

A lightweight suitcase is great for short weekend trips for girl getaways.   They provide you with ease of use, when transporting your luggage out of the car and through the airport. There are several factors to be on the lookout for when choosing the perfect suitcase for your travels.  Have you ever made a poor choice when it comes to buying luggage only to find that the seams were coming apart or the zipper wouldn’t zip?  Here are some factors to look for to get the best quality suitcase for your travel.

Durability is one of the most important factors to evaluate when choosing a suitcase.  Look for luggage made of high quality materials so that go the extra mile.  This is incredibly important if you and the girls want to take getaways on a regular basis. If you are making purchase in person then evaluate the strength of the material.  The basic rule of thumb is the thicker the material, the sturdier it will be.  You may be spending more money up front, but the initial investment will be well worth it.

Zippers on bags and storage compartments are the next factor to evaluate.  How many times have you had a zipper go out, get stuck or break on you?  It can be embarrassing when you are traveling with a partially open suitcase.  Check out the zippers to ensure that they are made from high quality materials.

The final area you will want to evaluate are the seams.   The weight of your belongings will put an immense amount of pressure on the seams. Check to ensure that the seams are sewn appropriately.

Purchasing a high quality lightweight suitcase is worth the price, and will save you some trouble and frustration.  Make sure to evaluate these three factors: durability, zippers and seams. This will be a worthwhile investment.

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