Packing Lightweight Suitcases for Travel

Lightweight suitcases are a blessing in disguise when it comes to traveling by air.   If you have ever had to make it in time to catch a flight, or just to get through airport security; then you know the pain and frustration heavy luggage can cause.  There’s enough frustration just getting through TSA’s security checkpoints.  Here are some incredibly useful tips for packing your suitcase to to get through the airport security checkpoint for your next girl getaways.

If you are just flying out of town for a weekend trip with the girls, then taking a carry on suitcase will do the tricks.   The key to packing your luggage is to be organized about it.  All of your bags and belongings have to go through x ray machines.  Sometimes when our belonging are all jumbled up they can appear as a potential threat.    Prevent any possible mishaps and embarrassments by packing your clothes in layers, and any other items in between those layers. For example if you had a hairdryer in your bag, you would want to pack a layer of clothes in the suitcase, then the hairdryer and a layer of clothes on top.   This ensures your luggage is easily scannable.

Here is an incredibly important tip, if you plan on taking any electronic devices on your trip (laptop, cell phones, or PDA’s) then you want to put them in a compartment that’s easily accessible.   This will make going through the checkpoint that much faster. Additionally if you plan on bringing along any  makeup or toiletries, then it’s incredibly important to follow the  3-1-1 guidelines.  You are only allowed  to carry one quart sized zip lock bag of liquids.  The rule is that liquids must fit comfortable in the zip lock bag.  The  maximum size of container is 3.4 fluid oz size.

Packing your lightweight suitcases in this way, will save you a lot of headache, time and frustration.  Just remember to pack your belongings in layers.  Keep electronic devices easily accessible.  Follow the 3-1-1 rule when flying.   You are now prepared to travel with ease.

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  • Great reminders! I have been guilty of lugging far too much STUFF on more than one occasion. I’ve never come close to using all the stuff I overpacked. Overpacking or carrying clunky luggage is bad enough when traveling with a friend or spouse. It’s a killer when you are traveling alone.

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