Long Weekend Getaways in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an ideal destination for taking long weekend getaways with the girls.  The city has long been the center for the arts and culture.   Rich in Native American history, Santa Fe- translated in Spanish means Holy Faith.  There are plenty of sites to explore, art attractions to see, and fun and exciting outdoor activities to so.  Santa Fe became the first city to be chosen as a Creative City by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.) Santa Fe is one only nine cities in the world to hold this title.

The city ranks as the third largest art market in the nation.  There are nearly 300 art markets and art dealers.  One famous museum to explore beautiful art is the Georgia O’ Keeffe Musuem.   Georgia O’ Keeffe work consisted of beautiful interpretations of flowers, outdoor settings, abstracted in on a large scale.  Her art still lives on today.  It’s absolutely stunning.

The Summer Art Markets give you true taste of Santa Fe’s culture.   There are several venues that take place during the summer.  Enjoy the Southwestern art, and maybe even pick up some new decor for your home.  You can find a wide variety of art in various forms, from paintings, pottery, and sculptures.   You can also get a creative hands- on experience with classes on painting and pottery are readily available.

Ready for some fun and exciting outdoor activities?  The rivers in Santa Fe are famous to go white water rafting.  There are several companies in the area offering guided white water rafting.  Experience the crashing white waters as you and your group are taken down the river with the help of the rapids.

Santa Fe is an amazing destination for long weekend getaways. Enjoy the city named for being a Creative City.  There are plenty of things you can do and see during your stay.  Relax, play and getaway in Santa Fe!

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