Massage Services: Selecting the Best

You and the girls have decided to treat yourselves right by getting massage services for your getaway?  There are so many options to choose from  on the spa’s menu.  How do you know what massage to get?  Here is a brief description of the three most common massages offered in virtually in any spa.

Swedish massage is the most common massage technique.    The massage therapist uses a technique by rubbing and kneading in the direction of circulation towards the heart.  The purpose of this massage is to increase oxygen flow in the blood, this releases toxins trapped in the muscles.   Swedish massage is ideal if you have recently suffered from muscle strain and want to reduce levels if physical and emotional stress.

Deep tissue massage is one of the more modern types of massages gaining popularity.    Massage is applied to the body with deep finger pressure to tense contracted muscle tissue and fibers. Studies have shown this type of massages reaps some health benefits.  When muscles undergo stress, they block oxygen and nutrients in the body.  This results in inflammation in the muscles causing you to feel fatigue and stress.   Deep tissue massage loosens up muscle tissue and release toxins.  If you or your girlfriends suffer chronic pain and fatigue this may be the perfect service for you.

Hot stone massage therapy has been introduced into many spas and salon within the last four years.  Stones are placed on key areas on the spine  while the therapist massages the body.  A health benefit is that warm stones stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood throughout the body.  This can help loosen up stiff muscles and joints and free up blocked energies. So if you are looking to rejuvenate and revive your body this is the service you should inquire about.

These three massages services are offered in almost any spa.  If you suffer from pulled muscles, the Swedish massage is the way to go.  Suffer from chronic pain?  Then check out the deep tissue massage.   If you are feeling tired and need to be rejuvenated then the Hot Stone therapy is for you.

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