Microcurrent Facial- The Face Lift?

The microcurrent facial has become a growing trend for those who are experiencing the signs of aging in their face.  This technological advancement has made it advantageous for many women, especially baby boomers to get the results of a face lift without the invasive surgery.    If you and your friends want to get the appearance of a youthful face then this is the perfect idea for you and your friends to get together to do… then return home a whole new you!

This treatment is growing in popularity due the fact that it has the ability to tone, tighten, firm, and lift the appearance of aging skin.   The results are so dramatic that they appear instantaneously. There are 43 muscles in the face, often times not all of these muscles are used which causes them sag.  The reverse scenario can cause wrinkling. When constantly use the same facial expressions over and over our skin begins to wrinkle. Ever heard of the expression laugh lines-there you have it…

Machines are used to send painless impulses throughout muscles in your face to tightened muscles to relax and stimulate strength in the unused muscles. This trains the muscles to tone and restore them to what they once were.   The microcurrents also send frequencies out to stimulate the circulation to boost the production of collagen.  Collagen improves the firmness of skin, while reducing wrinkles.

The major benefit to this type of facial is that it is a means of instant gratification of sorts. It can take ten years off of your face in no time.  You can also get multiple treatments for even more dramatic effects.  The going rate at a salon or spa is close to $200 per treatment.  Devices are now available on the market to get the benefits of the facial at home.  The average cost of these machines today are approximately $400.

Microcurrent facials are the new face lift without the surgery.  If you are looking to get one to restore your facial appearance to what it once was, check with your local salon to see if they offer this service. The results will truly amaze you, and it can be fun to do this with your best friends!

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