All-Girl New England Getaways

Is life getting you down? Gather your equally stressed girlfriends for New England getaways that are sure to refresh your souls. Opt for a low-key weekend at Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont, or go all out with a road trip covering each state. Either way, New England’s fresh air and panoramic views will take the weariness away and recharge you.

Book a quaint little bed and breakfast and take in the culture, history and nature of the area anytime of the year. Spring and summer is great for lounging on the many beaches and coves. Take in the vibrant colors and cool air while hiking through the valleys in autumn. Cap your winter adventures with hot chocolate and more gossip in front of a cozy fire.

Another way to experience the great natural landscape is by getting a massage at the same time. New Hampshire’s Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa offers a soak in a warm cedar tub at the observation tower. The spa also offers a uniquely New England maple sugar body scrub.

Sweet treats await you in many of the foodstores in the villages. New Hampshire’s Yum Yum shop in Wolfeboro creates gingerbread cookies that will take you back to simpler, gentler days. Their other goodies such as donuts, pies, breads and muffins are also a must-try.

For serious foodies and homemakers, the Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine is a non-negotiable place that you just have to stop at. Load up on their famous jams, salad dressings and home and garden items. Have a casual brunch or dinner in their market-style dining area.

If you do miss big city lights, the major city spots in these states offer great shopping experiences –from bargains to one-of-a-kind crafts and foodstuff. What’s even better is that there’s no state tax in New Hampshire. You can also find some high-end places to shop, and although you may not have the funds to buy right now, you should not miss out on the experience!

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