New York City: Downtown Girlfriend Getaways

A NYC girls day out is the perfect way to enjoy the bustling metropolis while visiting that part of the world. With its awesome theaters, bustling fashion district, and cultural events throughout the year, it is the perfect place to enjoy an upscale and chic girls getaway for a weekend. Here is a brief overview of different ways to enjoy NYC attractions ad social life.


New York is one of the best-known places to enjoy a Broadway production, concert, or any other kind of theatrical performance. Of course, Broadway performances are always a welcome treat to any girls’ getaway; these productions offer a bit of insight into one of the most famous theater productions in the world. Be sure to look for Broadway’s specials such as their 2-for-1 ticket deals that are sometimes offered. Concert performances are also fun ways to enjoy New York City’s social life.

New York’s fashion district is one of the most exciting places to try out a new look. With some of the country’s top designers, most sought-after stores, and plenty of windows to simply window-shop from, you can be sure that every girlfriend in your party will find a look to love. From well-known chain stores like Macy’s to Designer boutiques such as Chelsea and Balenciaga, this shopping district is truly a delight to browse.

If you are still wondering what to do in New York City, check out some of the city’s cultural events. Cultural film festivals, such as the Jewish Film Festival, abound. The Chinese New Year, if you kick off your new year with a trip to NYC, is an absolute must-see. It is full of excitement and vibrant color, all incorporated as part of the Chinese culture. Flushing Meadows–Corona Park’s Queens Museum of Art takes you through several different exhibits, from childhood life in Queens to a stroll through Cairo, Egypt. New York City is one of the best places to sample many different cultures in one trip.

Known all over the world as one of the gateways to the country, New York City holds plenty of adventures for every girlfriend getaway that you could plan. Take an afternoon to enjoy one of New York’s thrilling Broadway productions. Bring along your pocketbook for a long shopping stroll through the city’s famous shopping district and wow family back home with your new style. Lastly, take a stroll down to one of New York’s many cultural districts to see a bit of the world beyond the city’s ports. For a girls-only getaway, the city of New York could serve as your gateway to the rest of the world, without ever leaving your nation’s shores. New York City is an action-packed destination perfect for a girlfriend’s weekend vacation.

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