New York: Touring Upstate

After your girlfriends’ weekend in one of the most popular social cities in the country, head north from New York City and take in some of the beautiful farmlands and activities that upstate New York has to offer. From fun amusement parks to laid-back spa resorts, New York outside NYC is truly a fun and relaxing destination for the rest of your New York girlfriend getaway. To do the state justice and not feel rushed through your trip, it is highly recommended that you take an extended weekend for your trip so that you can take in everything the state has to offer.


Peek ‘N Peak Ski Resort
Upstate New York has many varied and exciting activities for all the gals. For an exhilarating adventure on the slopes, check out the Peek ‘N Peak Ski Resort. This year-round resort offers ski slopes, golf courses, and a swimming pool–perfect for a getaway any time of year. In addition, they have a lovely spa for when you get chilled out on the slopes. If you are looking for just one place to enjoy an entire relaxing yet adventurous outdoor getaway, Peek ‘N Peak Resort is the perfect solution.

How About Some History?
President Franklin Roosevelt’s Home, Library, and Museum is a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of our country’s most wealthy presidents. The grounds, garden, library, and home itself are all open to touring. You and your girlfriends will all love seeing many authentic items that were originally owned by Mr. Roosevelt. These little items such as his hobby camera, his toy horse, and many other artifacts give a charming reality to the grounds. For a bit of historical adventure, book a tour of the mansion and surrounding areas.

Niagara Falls
Of course, if you are heading north while on your New York vacation, definitely stop to witness the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls. While most of the vicinity is now transformed into casinos and the like, there are still several places along the rim that you can enjoy the beautiful river and falls. If you are adventurous, you can book one of their in-river tours that take you on a boat’s ride that will take you right to the base of the falls–where the roar and spray and waves are glorious and involving every faculty to take in. Stop at the falls for just a meal or for a few hours to relax and take in the grandeur.

Outdoor adventures, historical musings, and natural granduer are only a few of the many ways to enjoy a New York girls vacation. Stay for a couple of nights at the Peek ‘N Peak Resort and enjoy some skiing fun. Ramble through the Roosevelt Home and Museum to take a trip back in time. For a truly awe-inspiring finish to your vacation in New York, tour Niagara Falls. These are only a few ways to enjoy New York with all your girlfriends on a diverse and inspiring vacation.

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