The Nordic Spa Experience

The Nordic spa is an age old tradition that began many centuries ago. Scandinavian traditions used saunas as a place to spend time with family and friends to relax both physically and as well as mentally.  The technique used in Nordic spas is hydrotherapy.  Hydrotherapy uses the healing properties of thermal temperatures to restore and revitalize the body’s the health.  The use of hot and cold water causes reactions in the body that sooth muscles and skin, regulate the organs, and improve circulation and relieve stress throughout the body. The Nordic technique is a unique spa treatment, and might be a bit on the challenging side for first timers to endure.

The spa treatment also known as a Scandinavian baths has a series of steps to it.  The first stage of the process is body warming.  The use of a hot bath, eucalyptus steam bath or Finnish sauna is used to raise the body temperature.   This starts to cause the surfacing of blood vessel to increase the blood flow to the skin. The warm temperatures of the bath helps to open up the pores, to begin the detoxification of the body.  The initial part of this process takes about 10-15 minutes.

The next stage of the process is probably one of the most grueling for first timers to handle.  After receiving the body warming therapy, it’s now time to cool off.  I mean really cool off.  Cold Showers, waterfalls with brisk temperatures are used to cool the body down.  This stage of the treatment closes up freshly opened pores, preparing the body for relaxation.  This stage also takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

The last stage of the process is relaxation, The purpose of this stage is to let the cardiovascular regulate it’s system.  This occurs through a period of rest in relaxation areas. Resting areas include hammocks, terraces, or solarium.  The process takes about 15 minutes.

A Nordic spa provides healing and relaxation in a very challenging manner. The therapy itself is very relaxing as long as you can make it through the challenging stage of the process.

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