Nordic Spas- Canada’s Finest

Nordic spas are prevalent near skiing resorts and you can find them readily available in various cities all over Canada. The Nordic spa treatment is therapeutic, no wonder many skiers enjoy the benefits of the spa treatments.  After long hard day of hitting the slopes, skiers come in to prepare themselves for Scandinavian Baths and masses to relax and heal their bodies to do it all over again the next day.   The most popular Nordic spa resorts are primarily in Canada.  If you plan on visiting Quebec here is one of the best spas worth checking out.

Le Scandinave in Mont Tremblant

This is the most well known of all outdoor spas in Quebec and the oldest as well.  It is located in Eastern Canada’s most popular downhill ski area. The resort sits up on top of the banks of the Dibale River.  The first  stage of the process begins with steaming outdoor pool. The very moment your body and mind begin to relax, it’s time to break the ice.  You will rinse off underneath an incredibly ice cold waterfall for a few.  Then it’s time to get your robe and begin to relax.  You’ll be directed to a warm lounge to bring  the body temperature back up to normal and relax.   The changing of temperatures begin to make you hungry.  Fortunately enough there is a bistro on site to serve food to cure your hunger. Le Scandinave has 17 treatment rooms, pools, saunas, hot tubs, stem and relaxation rooms.   There is no lodging available at this spa.  you can take a three minute drive to Beauvallon Inn for accommodations.

Le Scandinave is one of the best Nordic Spas you can find in Canada.  Experience the healing and relaxation of the Nordic spa treatment after a day of hitting the slopes.  You will feel ultimate levels of relaxation, both in mind and body.

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