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New York is a very busy city, and amidst the everyday hustle and bustle, we all need different relaxation methods. There are countless NYC spas, which we can enjoy with our closest girlfriends. If you and your friends are looking for a New York Getaway, here are some of them, including the type of treatments they are most known for.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is a posh hotel spa that uses fresh orchids for their treatments. Some of their services also include heated rooms for both men and women.

The Ohm Spa, on the other hand, has more reasonable prices and have your treatments customized for you. It may be perfect for that long weekend getaway to New York you and your friends are looking for.

If you are the type who prefers to have a resort-y feel of a place, then choose Cornelia Day Resort. Located on Fifth Avenue, this resort-spa is the first to offer watsu massage. Watsu massage is a combination of massage, muscle stretching and dance. The therapist usually cradles the recipient of the massage in a heated pool suited to his body temperature. The service is very relaxing and also has impressive therapeutic benefits. After getting a massage, guests in this New York City spa can also bask under the sun and stay at the rooftop garden. Facials and foot massages are also available.

Great Jones Spa is a place where people can hang out for a couple more hours after getting a treatment. Located at Great Jones St, this place has cold lounge pools, saunas and hot tubs, where you and your girlfriends can spend time chitchatting after getting treatments done. This is another great choice for a girls spa weekend.

The Townhouse is a three-story spa which you can take your boyfriend to. The spa has a floor with a barber shop where guys can get haircuts while waiting for you to get your treatment done. Aside from these, they also have a large hydro-pool that has steam and oils to help you feel more relaxed.

A Korean spa with steam rooms, saunas, and pools made out of semi-precious stones- that’s what Juvenex has to offer. The place is adorned with experienced attendants and all you have to do is bring your bathing suits to fully enjoy their services.

Finally, if you and your girlfriends are looking for a NYC spa that is known for its outstanding services and for the ladies, then you shouldn’t miss Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. The red door has a loyal following and takes pride in all their signature facial, spa and salon treatments.

These New York spas also have rules that should be followed like turning off cell phones, not allowing children inside, and other medical conditions therapists should be aware of. These promote wellness and serenity of the spa.

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