Outdoor Colorado Attractions You Can’t Miss!

A Note From the Editor of Girl Getaways: As we enter into 2012, I have decided to add some personality to this site in the way of adding a new writer who has agreed to cover all 50 states across the U.S. throughout 2012. It is my pleasure to introduce this talented freelance writer: Stephanie. As she contributes her thoughts and ideas for some great girl getaways, I am sure you will also be impressed with her personality as well. She has decided to cover Colorado first, which is both of our home-town states. So without further ado, here are some of Stephanie’s ideas for Colorful Colorado!

I’m a Colorado gal, folks. I live in one of the best states in the Union, where the skies are mostly blue and the clouds are white and wispy. The summers are sunny and the winters are white. I’ve got a whole heap of adventures under my belt, and I’m here to share all my girly ideas with you as you contemplate just what to do in Colorado with friends. Let me tell you right off the bat, you will need more than just a few days. In fact, you might very well need a whole week to discover even girly activities that this Centennial State offers.

You might not have known this, but my Colorado is actually the fittest state in the Union. That’s for good reason, too. We have more trails to run, more mountains to climb, more slopes to ski, than most other states in the entire Union. If I may so myself, they are the prettiest trails, mountains, slopes and runs than anywhere else. Are you and your friends fun fitness lovers looking for the perfect change of scenery? Colorado is the perfect place for you.

Running in Colorado is truly one of the most rejuvenating early-morning activities known to man. That is, unless you run in the middle of winter just as the sun is coming up. Anyhow, if you’re out here for the summer, save the early morning hours for a truly breathtaking run. Runners should definitely head south to the little city of Boulder, that boasts one of the most extensive trail networks in the state. You will also find many like-minded folks in the area. If you are a trail runner, head west to the Rocky Mountain National Park where you’ll find plenty of mountain trails that will take you all over the park, allowing you to get a glimpse of the Rockies’ grandeur and wildlife. For a greener experience, you can head down to the San Juans and San Isobel National Park in May or June. The mountain terrain here is a little wetter than that of the Rockies, creating a lush green habitat in the early spring.

Along the Front Range of the Rockies, you will find many slopes that are open during the ski season. These resorts are perhaps some of the main Colorado attractions for out-of-state visitors. For the premium ski experience and premium pricing, check out the little skiing community of Vail. Winterpark is another big resort, as are Copper Mountain and Monarch. In addition to skiing these runs, you can also use snowboards, if that is your specialty.

Running, skiing, and biking enthusiasts flock to the Centennial state to find things to do in Colorado that are absolutely breathtaking. But sometimes, a girls getaway needs a bit of pampering and shopping to truly be relaxing. Follow me to some of our favorite malls and spas around the state in my next post!

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  • CO Native

    Hello GWG team!

    I have lived in CO for almost 35 years and came to your site for ideas to take my mom out of town for her 65th birthday.

    While I appriciate Stephanie’s comments, they are not entirely accurate. My guess is that she lives up north somewhere because from DIA and the Denver metro area, Boulder is about 45 minutes to an hour northwest, not south.

    And Rocky Mountain National Park is even farther west and north than Boulder. By farther I don’t mean it’s a 5 hour drive from the airport, it’s only about two and a half. If you do visit RMNP be sure to check out Estes Park, there are several hotels, B&B’s and rental cabins in town. The town also has good food from dives to white linnen, fun shops (though some are quite touristy), the Stanley Hotel (remember “The Shining”?) and even a couple of spas.

    Stephanie is definitely right in that both Boulder and RMNP incredible outdoor attractions. Colorado has a TON of great, easily acessable outdoor activities for any level of fitness!

    • The Getaway Gal

      Hi! I really appreciate your comment and will make the changes to Stephanie’s article shortly! I am also a Colorado native, coming from the Western Slope Four Corner’s region and then college in Gunnison. I now live about 50 miles north of Denver. Stephanie lives a couple hours South of me, so I bet you are right. She is also a Colorado native, and I bet just got mixed up a bit on her directions.

      Visiting Estes Park and the Stanley is a great idea! AND visiting Estes in the fall is a MUST-do!

      I really hope that you and your mother have a great time on her birthday!


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  • Stephanie, such a wonderful post and I can’t wait for your follow-up to the more “girly” side of Colorado. I lived in Denver for a year and miss it daily. I’m in the midst of planning a Bachelorette for one of my best friends and we’re thinking Colorado might be the perfect for a girls weekend with a wine tour (if possible), a spa session, some fun in the sun, and of course getting the most of being in the best state. Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated!
    Happy New Year!

    • A post on wine tours on Colorado’s western slopes is coming soon! Thanks for the comment–I always love feedback!

      Hope you and the gals have a truly relaxing and enjoyable getaway in my Centennial state!

      • The Getaway Gal

        Hi Brittanie,
        Thanks for you comment. Stephanie just recently posted a new article about an Inn in Palisade, CO that may be great for a bachelorette party! I personally drive through Palisade at least 4 times a year to get to my parents house, and we stop sometimes because my best friend from college lives there. It is a beautiful place to visit, not too busy or hectic, and they are known for their vineyards and fruit harvests in that area! It would be a great place for you and your friends to visit!

        Thanks to you Stephanie for another great article! http://www.girlfriendgetaways.org/the-best-wine-tour-and-vineyard-inn-in-colorado.html

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