Paradise Island Getaway: Something a Little Different

After writing some about big city adventures, beach fun, and cruising around the Caribbean, I thought I would take a moment and pause….and give you yet another idea for a great vacation: how about a Yoga getaway at The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island? This will suit a small group of like-minded women who honestly want a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Some may have yoga experience, while others may not, and this is okay.

Located across the bay from Nassau, the Ashram is a sanctuary of natural beauty sitting on white sands and surrounded by clear blue waters, and is one of the finest beaches in the world. It is built around a semi-closed meditation temple on over five acres.

If you are wanting to experience true companionship with like-minded people, you will love this vacation. November through may offers special symposiums, speakers, and music festivals. Well known spiritual leaders and musicians are also featured regularly. Meditation and eating is on a regimented schedule, but you can have time for your selves as well.

If you are not a yogi, or have little yoga experience, that is okay, but you may want to take at least a week vacation to really put the classes to good use. This is your chance to renew your spirit, body and mind. The prices are also very affordable considering the location.

Now, the Ashram will serve you a vegetarian cuisine, but you are welcome to sail across to Nassau, which is a bustling town where you can eat some great seafood and enjoy some of the other Caribbean sites.

This may be the perfect girlfriend vacation if you have a friend who is starting  new beginning and needs some true companionship with thoughtful friends. Or it may be perfect for yoga buddies who have seen the personal growth that has taken place over the years.

Whatever your reason, the setting is beautiful, the service is great, and the experience will be long-lasting.

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