Planning Cheap Getaways with the Girls

Yes. It IS possible to plan cheap getaways that are fun and memorable for your girlfriends and the women in your family. While the mere idea of leaving the men and celebrating time with the girls is exciting enough, making this holiday economical will lessen your regrets and worries.

Here are a few ideas for maximize fun at minimal costs:

Take advantage of packages. More and more travel agents and hotels are designing tour packages for women. Some throw in shopping tours, spa treatments, and welcome cocktails. Not only do they come at less cost, packages take on the troubles of planning the itinerary –which is good if you’re headed for a place you’ve never been to before. A couple places to check out to compare package deals are and All Inclusive Vacation Deals from Spirit Vacations. Many times getting an inclusive package is cheaper than booking flight, hotel, and car all separately.

Book in advance. Some accommodations offer early bird rates. Note also peak seasons and try to avoid them. If you can’t book in advance and are looking for something in the very near future, then you can always check out Priceline Last-Minute Deals – Airfare, Hotels, R/C, & Packges! Priceline is well known for last minute savings.

Pool your resources. Perhaps someone has access to a beach house or country club. Save on gas by carpooling. Prepare for the trip by making your own trail food and snacks and buy water in bulk.

Choose your activities well. If you’re making the itinerary from scratch, research on the things you can do. Remember that it’s a time for relaxation so too many activities can wear you and your wallet out. You can get by with one or two daytime activites (depending on how much time it covers) and one evening event.

Another great way to minimize cost is to create themed getaways centered on a common interest or hobby. Organize a crafting weekend, a nature photography safari or a country market hunt. By focusing on specific activities, you can easily lessen expenses.

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