Popular Girl Getaways: The Beach, Outdoors, or the Spa?

What better way to make a perfect bonding for girls is finding a ideal destination or activity to spend time together. Whether it’s a small pajama overnight or a whole weekend basking under the sun on a white-beach, girls just love to be together.

White sand and fruit cocktails are always a hit in the summer and characterize popular girlfriend getaways.  Girls that love the sun and sand can go out of the country, go overseas or just search within their area.  Some of the most popular beach picks are: Mexico, specifically San Lucas and Cancun, Honolulu Hawaii, Naples and Sanibel Island in the state of Florida.

Girls that love the outdoor but not necessarily the beach can opt for some outdoor activities such as cycling, golfing, horseback riding and other fun activities under the sun.  These fresh air funs are scattered everywhere. A hot air balloon adventure awaits girls in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Moore Ranch at Bucklin, Kansas offers horseback riding and roping. Napa Valley California is popular for biking tours it offers.  Also, a grandola ride at Stratton Mt. in Vermont is equally exciting.

Many women would prefer spa escapes for all girls’ bonding too.  Some spas are only for about 1 hour or less, some come with package deals of manicure and pedicure, champagne or lunch. Some spa pleasure offer activities along with it which the girls can enjoy before or after the relaxation.  These activities are snorkelling, biking or even diving.  All of which come along with the spa resorts’ facilities. Noted spa havens are the Chateau on the Lake Resort and Spa at Branson, Mo., the Mount Washington Resort Hotel in the White Mountains at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire and the Ritz-Carlton at New Orleans.

Many exciting popular girlfriend getaways can cost some pretty amount of money.  It may require girls to chip in, or otherwise can spend on their own individually.  But many of these bonding activities need not be so expensive.  Such as the outdoor fun of biking or jogging. And a getaway does not have to be some place at a great distance.  The next state may have what you are looking for.  It sure, will help cut down on your expenses a bit without giving away the fun altogether.

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