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A wonderful and unusual way to enjoy spa weekends is to go to a scrap booking spa.  It’s the most splendid way to relax, and just be while spending uninterrupted time working on your scrapbooks.  These spas were created for the arty crafty women in mind.   One of the first scrap booking spas to be created was Scrap and Spa.  This spa was founded by Diane Anderson in 1997. Located in Union Pier, Wisconsin the spa was designed to give women a weekend of relaxation and time to work on their projects.   All the accommodations- cooking, cleaning are taken care of for you.  The weekend is left to your own devices to work on scrap booking and get spa treatments.

Scrap and Spa provides large tables with designated spot for each lady to work on cropping, decorating their keepsakes.   Each scrapbooker brings their own supplies.  The spa provides a load of equipment and tools to be used by the guests. There are also a store available inside to purchase scrap booking supplies as needed.   Amazingly enough the prices of the supplies are quite reasonable.

The spa menu offers a variety of treatments that are performed on location.  More spa treatments are available with a five minute drive away from Scrap and Spa.  A well known body treatment worth checking out is the Peppermint Twist Massage, it’s invigorating break from busy scrap booking work.

The delicious cuisine served at this spa leans more vegetarian taste.   The food served is made for the gourmet taste buds in mind.  Often times women don’t get the opportunity to enjoy “good food.”  Diane leaves no detail out to provide the best services for women.

You’ll stay at a gorgeous cottage during your weekend.   The cottage is located on four blocks away from Lake Michigan. The house next door to the cottage provides extra bedrooms and space for spa services. The accommodations are very cozy with country feel.

The Scrap and Spa is made for arty crafty women to spend spa weekends at.  Diane has left no detail behind during your weekend.  For once wouldn’t it be nice to complete a project?

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