Spa Body Treatments- What to Expect

Are you and the girls going to get spa body treatments for your next girl getaways?   If you have never been to day spa or had any kind of body treatments such as massage, the experience could feel a little awkward.   What’s the proper etiquette?  DO I have to take off my clothes?  What order do I have the services performed.   These are common questions that can cause a bit of anxiety.  Here are answers to your questions, to get you prepared for your beauty treatments.

Good manners is a must to use with any appointment is you have, make sure your cell phone is shut off.  Do you really want the phone ringing while you receive pampering?   This is also good tip so your therapist can focus on your treatment.

Show up at least 20 minutes early for your appointment.  The sooner you arrive, the more time you get to relax before your treatment.  You will need to change into robe and slippers after you check in.   Most spas have a steam room so you can relax before your treatment.  Call ahead to see if a sauna is available.  You may want to arrive earlier.

Massage and body treatments are typically done nude.   You will be covered with a sheet or towel.  Only the areas exposed will be treated.  If it makes you feel more comfortable you can leave your underwear on when getting a massage.  One thing to keep in mind is that you book a couple treatments together, then do a body treatment first, then a massage and wrap it up with a facial.

Finally, make sure to tip 15-20% to your therapist.  If you received a gift certificate or booked a package; ask to see if gratuity was included in the price.

Now you know what to expect with your spa body treatments.  Remember to have good manners.  Show up early to get your body relaxed.   If you are booking several treatments together, take them in specific order to receive full benefits of the services.  And don’t forget to tip.  This will help to ease the awkwardness.  Now you can go in like a pro!

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