Plan That Spa Getaway!

Massages, relaxing environments, healthy and yummy food: the spa is always one of the best ways to let loose with your girlfriends and rejuvenate those frazzled nerves.

The good news is that more and more establishments offer a spa getaway package for groups. These packages come out more affordable than if you book separately.  Whether it’s an intimate bridal holiday for the women in your family or your annual holiday with your closest friends, the spa is always a hit, and whether near or far from where you live, you will surly find one that meets your budget requirements.

While choosing a spa getaway package takes out much of the hassles of planning the holiday, here are some tips to help make it truly peaceful and enjoyable retreat:

Shop around for packages and the services included. It also helps to find a spa close to you so the stresses of driving or commuting long distances are kept at a minimum.

Orient yourself with the types of treatments and massages. Read up a little on what a shiatsu or a Swedish massage is. What does a mudpack do? Can you eat your sugar scrub?  LOL! The information will help you choose your treatment and tells you what to expect.

Pack light. The good thing about spa vacations is that it’s all about being relaxed. Leave the make-up and sexy party shoes behind. Tote comfy clothes, flip flops or any other comfy footwear. If yoga classes are on the list, bring an appropriate outfit or clothes that won’t constrict movement. Don’t forget your swimsuit for those Jacuzzi dips.

Leave the phone in your room. Schedule phone calls that you make to either at lunch or in the morning. Let your hubby, mom and whomever you’ve left behind know about this schedule so they don’t worry if you do not pick up the phone.

Take a bit of the spa home. Pick out a favorite aromatherapy oil or other souvenir to remind you of that blissful moment you had with your girlfriends.

You deserve a day at the spa! Make this a girlfriend getaway a spa weekend that you never forget. Whatever and wherever you choose, you won’t be sorry!

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