Spa Package Deals: How to Find One

Spa package deals can get a bit on the pricey, but they are so worth it.  It’s important to go on a getaway with the girls every now and again.  It helps to treat yourself right every now and again.   Getting away from it all helps rejuvenate your spirit and your livelihood.  If you’re pocketbooks are running on the slim side, then here are some tips to help you get the most out of your dollars.

The first and most overlooked tip is to plan during an off season.   Spa rates are dropped immensely if you visit during the non peak times.   Sometimes spa will even offer special discounted rates just to get you to come.  Another thing to keep in mind is book packages during non peak times, like during the week.   The days when the demand is low, spa will drop their rates.

Subscribe to the resort’s email list.  Often times you will find that spa won’t advertise special package deals.   They do send out special promotional offers via text message or email.  This is an excellent way to find last minute deals on some of the most fabulous packages.   You can even score some free treatments if you keep your eyes open.

Ask about Group Rates.  Since you and the girls want to  book a girlfriend getaway this could be to your advantage.  Many spas offer discounted rates for large groups.  If they don’t advertise special rates, ask and negotiate.   You may be surprised at the deals you can land.

Another great way to land a sweet deal is to check out massage and beauty schools.  The cost is less, because the students get to “practice” on you.   If you and the girls are comfortable with idea, then go for it.  If the sounds of it make you feel uneasy, then don’t.

You can land some great deals on a spa package deal by trying out these tips.  Book during down times.  Subscribe to list for last minute deals. Check out group rates and negotiate or let a student work on you. You are worth it.  Find a deal today.

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