Spa Parties- Delivering the Spa to You

Enjoy the idea of spa parties; but you’re not too hip on taking care of all the details, clean-up and all the other obligations that go along with it?  There is an awesome solution for your girlfriend getaways.  A mobile spa service can handle all of your beauty and relaxation needs.   The services these spas on wheels are like a catering company, they deliver something far better than food.

The first company to start the mobile spa service was started in the 1990’s.   Since then it has become a growing trend.   Here is how the service works. You and girls get to choose services and packages from the spa menu.  Order an appropriate amount ahead of time.   The company delivers the massages, and beauty treatments to you.    How cool is that?

There are several advantage to using mobile spas.   The first is that the service costs about the same price that you would pay at a day spa.   So it saves you the time of packing, making arrangements, and trip planning.   The second benefit, is that they do ALL the work for you.  So you get to really relax.   If you really want to go full out, then companies like Sparty can offer you the complete party set-up. They offer a complete location make over plan to turn your home into spa resort atmosphere.   All of the spa supplies are provided with this package, even the robes and slippers.

Currently there are more than 500 mobile spa services in the United States, according to Spa Finder. Each offers their own unique services.  If you are looking to book mobile spa services for your next event, keep in mind to plan at least a month ahead of time.  The spa on wheels is getting even hotter as we speak. As you can see why.

Spa parties are a fantastic way to relax, get the full treatment and have fun with the girls.  If you want to get the whole she-bang in your spa experience, then hire a mobile spa.

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