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Spa party invitations can help the party go so much smoother for your “getaway” at home.  More importantly, it can help your friends be prepared for the party. There are several options for invitations to a spa party.   Many online retailers have some of the most elegant designs.   If you have a creative side then do it yourself invitations are fun to make as well. There are also many free templates you can find online, fill in the details and print off yourself.

However you decide to do here are some important details to include in your invitations.

The 4 W’s:  What, Where, When, and Why

The what is pretty self explanatory, obviously the answer is a spa party.  Where will you be hosting the party. Will it be at your home, a local day spa, or a fancy resort?  Make sure to include the directions of the spa’s location.  When will you be throwing the party?  The date and time are important.   The girls need to know when to  show up, right?  Finally in this section is the why.  Why are you having a party?  Is it just because, is it for a bridal shower, birthday celebration, hen night or just for the heck of it.    Remember we ladies love details.

You may also want to include activities that will be taking place.  This way guests know what to expect and otherwise be prepared.   Another important tip is to send your invitations at least two weeks to a month ahead of time.  We all have busy schedules nowadays, so it really helpful to plan ahead and make an necessary arrangements in advance.

Spa party invitations can make or break your next spa party.  Include the important details, special activities, and send the invites out in a timely manner.   These tips will help your next party to be a knockout.

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