Spa Party at Home: The Ultimate Party Planning Guide

Want the experience of a day spa, but can’t afford to shell out the cash?  You can easily host a spa party at your home inexpensively.  This is fabulous idea for creating  a girl’s night at home on a budget.  If you are the “entertainer” or the “hostess with the mostess”  out of the group, then why not host the party yourself?   It may seem like a lot of work to turn your home into the ultimate spa experience, but a spa party at home is not necessarily complicated to plan.

One can choose a theme, such as a chocolate spa party or a royal spa party and then plan events, games, foods and activities around the theme. Alternatively, one can plan a party with no particular theme and provide activities, games and food that are sure to be enjoyed by friends and family attending the party. There is no list of rules that must be followed when planning a spa party. Just make it enjoyable and relaxing and it will be a success.

1. Set the Date

First and most importantly, schedule a date where your home is completely distraction-free.  If there is a hubby at home, send him out camping with the guys.  Got kids?  Send them to the babysitters or friends house for the night.  Now that the date is set, it’s time to start thinking about creating an ambient spa atmosphere.

2. Create the Space

Designate a room in the house for your beauty treatments.  A good starting point for giving your house a spa like feel is to use low lighting.  If you have dimmer switches, then this is a breeze.  Alternatively you can turn off overhead lights, and use floor lamps for your primary light source.   Aromatherapy candles add the perfect touch for a serene environment.  The finishing touches for the spa look and feel is to play relaxation music in the background.  Grab a meditation or feng shui cd to top it all off. Now time for the spa cuisine.

3. Choose the Games

The Sharing Game

Spa parties are meant to be not only relaxing but also bonding. One good bonding activity is “Share”. It is very simple to plan; all a person has to do is write up a list of twenty or so interesting questions, cut them up and put them in a bowl. As the bowl is passed around, each person takes a turn picking a question and answering it. (Alternatively, one can download a list of suitable questions at

Two Truths and a Lie

Another good activity is “Two Truths and a Lie”. Each person takes a turn stating three things that have happened in his or her life; the trick is, one of these things is a lie and the others have to guess which of the three instances is made up. This game is very enjoyable and one great thing about it is that it requires no advance planning whatsoever.

Create a Story

Making up a story together is yet another great game. The person planning the party gets a pen and paper and hands it to one person. The first person writes a line of a story, folds the paper over and then hands it to the next person. This goes on until each person has written a line. The full story is then read by the last person and is usually quite hilarious.

4. Choose the Beauty Treatments

The beauty treatments are the final thing to prepare for.  There are several options to choose from.   The easy way is to pick up some facial masks at your favorite department stores, or at mass merchandise store. If you have the cash to spare, this will free up your work load.  The other alternative is to make your own homemade body and facial treatments.  There are tons of recipes that you can find for free online and on this site as well.

When a person thinks of a spa, some of the first things that come to mind are facials, manicures and pedicures. You do not have to provide all three of these for a spa party to be enjoyable but you should have at least one of them.


Facials are not at all hard to prepare. One simple recipe involves mashing over ripe banana with over ripe avocado. One then adds in some olive oil and unflavored full fat yogurt. This face mask is left on for twenty to thirty minutes and then washed off. The tomato-lemon mask is yet another great option. It involves blending a very ripe tomato with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of instant oatmeal (multiply the ingredients depending on how many women are coming). Once the ingredients have been pureed, they make a great face mask that can be left on for twenty minutes and then washed off.

Manis and Pedis

Manicures and Pedicures are also simple to plan and prepare for. These activities do not have to be as elaborate and professional as they would be if you hired a professional to do these jobs. A manicure can be as simple as providing a nail polish that goes along with the theme of the party. Alternatively, women can pick names and give a manicure to the woman whose name they picked. A pedicure can be as simple as providing a place for women to soak their feet and then providing nail polish. A foot massage can also be offered if you as the host feel up to providing this service.

5. Choose the Food and Drinks

There are couple different tactics that you can use here.  The first method for hosting a party is to take care of all the details your self.   Gather up some of your favorite recipes for healthy and refreshing salads and snacks.   Make sure to use  plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Alternatively, you can make it a potluck party.   Assign each of your friends to be in charge of bringing a particular item or dish.  If you want drinks to go along with your treatments, ask the girls to bring a beverage of their choice along. Ready to move onto the good stuff?

Chocolate Lover?

A chocolate themed spa party is not only easy to plan but also quite enjoyable. Chocolate is a relaxing food that goes great with a spa party. Choose a wide assortment of chocolates so that you have something for everybody. You can also provide small chocolate bars or a little bag of chocolate kisses as party favors or take home gifts.

Fruity Chick?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for a spa party. Strawberries, grapes and cherries are all great spa party fruits. A tray with vegetables can include olives, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, carrot sticks and broccoli. Be sure to provide some sort of dip for the vegetables; this can be bought at a store or made at home.

Want the Crunch?

Simple appetizers also make great spa party food, A tray with crackers and cheese, bread sticks and a dip, home made cookies, small cubes of cheese and/or ham and miniature home made pizzas are all good spa party snacks. Nuts also make a great spa party snack and do not require prior preparation.

Mix it up for the Drinks!

A mixed drink with a bit of alcohol can be great, as it will help people to get into a relaxing mood. An alternative would be to buy wine coolers; these are enjoyable yet only contain a small amount of alcohol. If you are not sure if your guests would appreciate alcoholic beverages, you could make a home made smoothie, serve fruit juice or even provide champagne.

While active parties such as pool parties and beach parties are fun, a spa party can be even more enjoyable than a party that involves a lot of action and running around. Most everyone needs a chance to relax; a spa party allows everyone to just sit around, get to know each other, eat good food and get a nice free manicure, pedicure and/or facial in the process. The ideas listed above are just some of the many spa party ideas that a person can use. If you are planning a spa party, think about what your girlfriends would enjoy eating, drinking and doing. Plan the type of party that they would enjoy and then sit back and enjoy bonding with each other.

A spa party is a fun way to relax and bond with the girls.   If you prepare ahead of time throwing a party will be a breeze.  One final note, have the girls bring their own robes and slippers.   You never know, you and the girls might just make this a regular event!

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