Spa Trips: South Beach

Enjoy South Beach Spa Trips with Your Girlfriends

Looking at the list of most liked activities by girls, probably next to shopping for clothes and shoes is going to spas. Girls do not only love to pamper themselves by buying new items but also having a relaxed time in spas. We all love the soothing sensation brought by massages, making our bodies really comfortable. If you and your friends are planning on having spa trips, do not leave out South Beach as one of your spa getaway destinations because this is where you will find some of the best spas in the country.

Among the most popular spas in this destination is The Ritz-Carlton that is opened daily from 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Here, you and your girlfriends would surely enjoy the 2000 square foot area filled with luxuries. From the décor of the spas alone, you would know that the service would be great and you and your friends would surely have a grand time. Since the spa is near the beach, you could take the Atlantic Walk that includes body exercises done both in and out of the water. You will be assisted by a personal trainer so by doing this, your body will surely be rejuvenated.

Another girlfriend vacation destination that would be great for spa trips is Spa Eden. This spa can be found inside the famous Eden Roc Hotel. This spa has gained popularity among frequent spa goers as it was voted as the Best Day Spa in Miami’s Metro Magazine. Here, you and your friends could try various spa treatments to help rejuvenate your bodies. While having the treatments, you could chat about your experiences and catch up on what you have missed about each other’s lives. This way, you would have more meaningful memories and your friendship will be strengthened.

For more weekend spa trips, you could also check out Mandarin Oriental. This one is also opened daily from morning till night. This spa has three levels that would definitely be enjoyed by you and your friends. The treatment in this spa varies around different cultures such as Balinese, Thai and Chinese. You could have your treatments in the lower floors but if you are looking for some privacy, you could have it in the upper level. The ambiance in the rooms would really make your bodies relaxed because of its natural look. The rooms are decorated with natural linens, bamboo and rice paper. They even serve herbal tea as part of their service. While having the spa treatment, you and your friends will feel even more comfortable and relaxed because out the window, you would see a view of the Biscayne Bay.

Girlfriend getaways, and especially spa getaways can be a very bonding and rewarding experience!

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