Spa Vacation Packages at the Omni Berkshire Place

Love the big city living? A New York getaway has spa vacation packages that are the best solution for your girlfriend getaways.  If you and your girlfriends want the finest shopping experiences, diversity, amazing cuisine, and non stop entertainment, then venturing into the city that never sleeps is the vacation spot for you and your friends. You owe to yourself and friends to take a spa retreat and just relax and spend some time with the girls.

If you decide New York is the vacation spot, then the Omni Berkshire Place is the Hotel to stay at.   The Omni is known as the “Luxury Midtown Manhattan Hotel.”   This recently renovated hotel is the essence of sophistication and modern elegance.  This resort is perfectly located for getting the uptown girl shopping experience.  It’s just steps away from the fashion district of New York on 5th Avenue.

There are tons of things to do during your New York girlfriend vacation that you can easily access from the Omni.   Besides being located minutes away from Fifth Avenue, Broadway, Park Avenue, Times Square and Central Park are also within walking distance.    A relaxing experience that is highly recommended is to go on a horse and buggy ride through Central Park.   If you want to let kid inside of you play, definitely check out Toys “R” US, known as the center of toy universe.  You’ll find a 60 foot tall ferris wheel, an animated T-rex, and the New York’s city skyline made entirely up from LEGO’s.   After you’ve enjoyed all the touristy attractions New York has to offer it’s now time to relax and unwind at the Omni.

Here is just one of the many awesome spa packages to take advantage of at this hotel.   The Spa La La Package offers luxurious accommodations for night’s stay, and a 60 minute spa treatment at Spa Chakra…located within walking distance from the hotel on Fifth Avenue.

If you want the best high energy getaway experience, then book a spa getaway package at the Omni Berkshire Place in New York.  Experience the city that never sleeps with your friends.

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