Spa Weekend Vacation in New York City

Ready for a weekend getaway to live and get relaxed?  A spa weekend vacation in New York City is the answer to your prayers.   One place to check out is the Caudalie VinothÈrapie Spa at The Plaza.  The spa is located within the legendary Plaza Hotel.  If you and the girls are wine connoisseurs, be prepared to be amazingly surprised by the spa treatments and services you will receive at Caudalie.

What makes the spa treatments at Claudalie so unique is technique. Claudalie has spa located in France and Spain.  This the only spa that has full time soliel serving wine to guests full time.   You could really get relaxed with spa services accompanied by a glass of wine.

The history of Claudalie is truly magnificent. The therapy behind the spa treatment is vino therapy.  The concept was developed in France by Claudalie family.  The family was harvesting grapes and a family friend whom was a University researcher. The family was pressing the wine and throwing away the seeds.   The researcher remarked that they were throwing away a goldmine.   He informed the family of the benefits of the grape seeds.

The grape seeds contain many therapeutic benefits for the skin.  The power of antioxidants help rejuvenate the skin.  Resveratrol helps fight the signs of aging.  Spa treatments are centered around the healing power of grape seeds.   Massages use grape seeds to help exfoliate the skin.  Take  a red vine barrel bath for circulatory benefits.  This spa has quite the extensive spa menu.

During your visit to this luxurious spa, take advantage of the Sex and the City 2 Package.  The package includes a night accommodation in a deluxe room or suite.  Enjoy a cosmopolitan at the Rose Club.  You’ll even receive $50 gift cards for the Plaza Boutique, Caudalie Spa, and the Warren-Tricomi Salon with a $25 iTunes gift card.

Caudalie VinothÈrapie Spa at The Plaza is the best place to stay for a spa weekend vacation.  Receive the amazing benefits vino therapy has to offer.  Top it all with a stay in the Plaza.  You will really be living it up.

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  • Being from New York City, I want to say you can never go wrong with a weekend getaway here. I love NY!

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