Spiritual Girls Getaway Retreat at Crooked Tree Lodge, WA

In today’s times, almost everyone has a busy schedule and they try to master the balancing act between their hectic work life and their busy personal life. The sad thing about this is that after some amount of time has elapsed, their schedules for each day will turn monotonous and this is inevitable. So what can be done in order to break the monotony of everyday life and to rejuvenate and recharge oneself every now and then? The answer for you and your friends could be a Spiritual girls’ retreat at Crooked Tree Lodge.


Now, not everybody is blessed with enough time to go for a full-fledged holiday therefore they would have to make do with a getaway during the weekends. It is best to go for a getaway which is actually fun otherwise you will just end up blowing your money and wasting time without being able to experience a refreshing change from everyday life. If you are a Christian or feel like you need spiritual renewal, then you should definitely try out the women’s retreat at Crooked Tree Lodge. By doing this, you will be killing two birds with one stone, i.e. you will be able to have a retreat where you can pray peacefully and also the opportunity of enjoying the special bonding that comes with like-minded women.

The Crooked Tree Lodge is located in South Cle Elum in Washington. If you are coming from Seattle then it will just take you an hour’s time to drive over the Cascade Mountains to reach the lodge. If you are coming from Spokane then you should drive for three hours in the east direction. As far as the rate is concerned, it depends on the type of room you are booking. If you are booking a private lodge for at least twelve girls and maximum sixteen girls then the rate would be somewhat close to USD 279. A USD 1000 deposit would also be required for holding the booking. If you are going for the bear or pinecone room then the rate is higher, it would be around USD 560 per person and double beds would be provided. The deposit fee in this case is USD 150 only. For the most luxurious room, it would cost about USD 1675 each and a deposit of USD 450 is required.

Since the Crooked Tree Lodge is busy throughout the year therefore it would be better to book in advance. The website, provides a table which shows the best time to make the bookings, i.e. the dates on which the rooms aren’t booked. In case these dates aren’t suitable for you then you can call them up to discuss about your booking.

A lot of people often wonder about the use of going for such a getaway. Well, the top reason would definitely have to be the fact that you and your group of girls get to spend an entire weekend with Kim Galgano, founder of Chicks With Choices and Cindy Kemp, the owner of the lodge. Cindy would be taking care of the accommodations and food while Kim would be focusing on the spiritual topic chosen by your group. When you opt for a getaway from this company, you can expect a tailored weekend that is spiritually designed.

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