Stephanie Suggests: Tips For Planning A Girls’ Getaway

Girl getaways can be spent in so many different ways! Whether you are a nature lover or a zealous shopper or a avid musician, there are countless attractions that will delight everyone in your girlfriend getaway party. Here are a few tips for planning that girls weekend.


First, find the best place to stay based on what you and your group is looking for. Are you a bunch of outdoor lovers who are looking for adventure? Book a site at a camping ground. Perhaps you and your girlfriends are looking for a pamper-us session with powder and pink. A five-star hotel is probably what you would want in this case, complete with their very own spa. Maybe you are just looking to relax and be cozy, enjoying one another’s company on the seashore. One of the seaside Oregon vacation rentals that grace the shoreline on the West Coast would be just the arrangements all the girls are looking for. Knowing the kind of getaway that you and your girls are looking for will help you select the perfect getaway lodgings.

Secondly, plan your trip by what you and the gals are hoping to get done. Now, this certainly does not mean planning your trip down to each little minute; instead, brainstorm as to what kinds of things you want to do. For example, if you are wishing for an outdoorsy getaway, brainstorm about the various fun things you could do in Oregon that would expose you to the great outdoors…fun things such as hiking, repelling, biking, rafting, and the like are all ways to take your sense of group adventures to the next level. If you plan a week-end getaway and wish to pamper and nothing more, find the best spa packages, seek out a well-known and loved organic restaurant nearby, and plan to simply relax in your room the rest of the day. If you and the girls are taking a trip longer than the typical weekend-getaway, you will most likely be able to put several different events together for the whole trip. If you do this, put the different events in such an order that you will all be refreshed and relaxed as you head home (by this I mean do not plan the camping trip as the very last event). Planning out the theme to your getaway will help you create the perfect girls-only trip to any part of Oregon, giving you the perfectly-suited getaway for your group.

Lastly, please remember to not stress during the planning stages! Having fun simply finding the things you want to do can be as enjoyable as the trip itself if you will only take the stress out of it. Once you get there, enjoy your friends and forget your worries!

Editor’s note: I wanted to thank Stephanie for being an avid contributor to GirlfriendGetaways! It so nice to have a fresh perspective on where to go and how to plan! Please leave your comments below and either Stephanie or I will respond quickly. We would love to know where you have gone or where you would like to go!

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