The Best Wine Tour And Vineyard Inn In Colorado

Let me take you to the Western Slopes of the Centennial State, ladies. While most visitors to my beautiful Colorado visit the ski slopes and the mountains, or the spas and the hiking trails, few have ever seen the western side of the state unless they go there for a specific reason.

I’m here to tell ya’ll that the Western Slope is the perfect place for a bachelorette party in Colorado. There are plenty of fun things to do. Not only that, but the ride to get there is absolutely stunning. Pull on your boots and let’s head through the mountains!

Road Trip!
Now to get to the western side of Colorado, you’ve got to overcome the fearsome mountains that stand in your way. Most likely you’ll land in our part of ranching desert at the Denver International Airport and from there you’ll head west on I-70. While you’re passing through the mountain ranges, note the lovely views, amazing vistas, and the occasional historical markers. (For example, see if you can find where to turn off the highway to find Billy the Kid’s grave. I’ll take the views, thank you very much!) If you do decide to communally snooze during the drive, please ask your driver to screech when you start the trek through Glenwood Canyon. Wake up when you hear the screech, and look around you. This canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in the entire Rockies.

Okay, enough of the canyon and the drive. Of course the destination and the wine tours that Colorado offers are what you are really after. For that bachelorette party you’re planning, I’m more than happy to suggest the perfect solution to the dilemma. The Wine Country Inn is the perfect place to stay and to enjoy a delicious wine tour. It is located in Palisade about 20 miles east of Grand Junction. If you go in season, you have to try a Palisade peach, which is also another reason Palisade is popular. You will know you are getting close to the vineyard once the mountains change to some spectacular mesas.

To top it all off, the Inn is located in the epicenter of a 20-acre vineyard. What could be better? If you’re unsure of where to book your wine tour, please remember that the Wine Enthusiast Magazine named this inn in its top seven premiere vineyards around the world. In other words, this inn is among the top international vineyard inns in the world. I can almost guarantee that you will love your visit. There is a peacefulness about the area, and Palisade itself is a quaint little town.

The other key ingredient to the perfect bachelorette party in Colorado is to visit a spa. For more details on local gals’ favorite spas, visit my post “Girls Vacation In Colorado: Shopping And Spa Stops.” Here you’ll find my tips on the best spa stops in our capitol city, as well as some of our finest shopping.

Colorado isn’t just about ranches and mountain skiers…it has its girly side as well. Come see for yourself!

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