Three Great Spas in New York You HAVE to Check Out!

It is really quite impossible to plan out a New York girls trip without including a stop at at least one spa. A spa represents everything girly and wonderful, relaxing and beautiful. Throughout New York are scattered little gems of spas and retreats to relax your body and refresh your soul. Here is a brief sampling of just a few of the state’s top spas that you should choose from for your girls-only New York trip.


The Mohonk Mountain House
The Mohonk Mountain House hosts a spa getaway that considered by many to be one of the top three hotel and resort spas in the nation. Surrounded by the pristine beauty of over 40,000 acres of beautiful New York forest, it offers a variety of treatments that will be sure to leave you and the girlfriends feeling reconnected and rejuvenated. This destination spa is located approximately 90 miles north of New York City.

The Copperhead Retreat and Spa
In the beautiful Catskill Mountains, 2 hours north of NYC, sits a beautiful rejuvenation spa that is designed to help you and your girlfriends reach your fullest potential. If you and the gals are looking for a place to get a head start on anything that will help you attain your own personal level of health and fitness, the Copperhead Retreat and Spa is the place for your girlfriend getaway. With a full-service spa and many yoga classes, outdoor activities, and beautiful lodgings, the Copperhead would be an ideal location to take yourself and girlfriends in an effort to improve your lives. Relax and enjoy the service and the beauty of the Copperhead Spa in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.

The New Age Spa
The New Age Spa, also located in the Catskills, is a woodsy retreat that offers a variety of unique events that not many other spas offer. Bellydancing, aromatherapy massage, Pilates, and aquarobics are just a few of the different activities offered. Their menus are based on seasonal produce, and are all prepared in-house to ensure the highest quality and richest nutrient content. In addition, many of their vegetables and herbs are grown on-site, maximizing freshness. The New Age Spa also offers guidance with juice fasting, featuring a full menu of seasonal juices to pick from for each “meal” of your fast. Their fasting programs vary from an extended weekend to a full-week stay. Please check their website for further information as they will be closed through May 2012. If you are planning an adventure for later in the year, this may be a favorite destination.

These three spas are recognized as some of the most famous spas in the state. They all offer a resting place, superb spa services, and delicious cuisine to enhance your stay. Everyone will agree that your girls only trip to New York must include a stop at one of these spas.

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