Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women- Facts to Know

There are some very crucial facts you must know about travel insurance for pregnant women.   Going on girlfriend getaways during your pregnancy is very therapeutic.  Spending time away with your friends can help reduce stress levels to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  Before you purchase travel insurance, or if you already have coverage, then here are some things you need to know before traveling.

Pregnant women are considered high risk by insurance companies.  The reason for this is because delivery could happen at any time.  This demands immediate medical attention.

A factor you should put into consideration is, when it is safe to travel during the pregnancy.   Many insurance policies will only cover travel during pregnancy up to the 26th week of the term.   Some companies will offer coverage as long as you return from vacation by eight weeks before the due date.

Read over the policy with a fine tooth comb.  You want to make sure you are covered in case you do happen to go into labor during your trip.  Every policy is different.  Some policies will only cover medical conditions that occur as a result of pregnancy complications.  Then there are some that will not cover delivery while you are away from home.

It may be worthwhile to check out your current travel insurance to see what is covered.  Speak with your insurance agent to see if you can upgrade or get a specialized policy for your needs.  The protection is worthwhile to have in the case of an emergency.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

One final word of advice is to check with your doctor to ensure you are in good physical condition to travel.  If your obstetrician says you are safe to travel, then ask them to provide you with proper documentation stating so.   This will required by the insurance and airlines during the later terms of pregnancy.  It may also be beneficial to you to check out the terms and conditions of the airlines.

Travel insurance for pregnant women can provide you with peace of mind.  Be sure to read the fine print of the policy to see what is covered.  Speak with your insurance agent to see if you need additional coverage.  Check with your doctor to ensure that you are safe to travel.  Once you know you are covered, you can relax and enjoy a vacation with the girls.

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