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Using a travel neck pillow while being a passenger on a long car ride or your next flight will prevent  excess strain and cramps if you happen to fall asleep.  Taking these cushions on the next girlfriend getaways will help insure you will arrive at your destination refreshed and free from pain. Have you ever fell asleep on a long trip?  If so, you may have experienced a crimp in your neck or back problems as result.

Neck pillows not only support the neck but the back as well.  The support provided by the cushion stabilizes the neck and the head, while keeping the spine in alignment.  When you fall asleep in an upright position without the support of the neck and spine being aligned, you can suffer from muscle strain and pinched nerves. This is the reason why when you fall asleep on a plane or car your body leans against a window you experience muscle stiffness. Not a very pleasant experience to arrive to your vacation spot feeling pain.  You went on this trip to have fun with the girls right?

The best type of cushion for the neck is  one shaped like a horseshoe.  The design had the contour of the neck in mind and to provide comfort to the neck.  The prevention of too much movement while sleeping keeps the head, neck and body aligned.  Too much movement with the body out of alignment can also result in injury to discs in the neck and muscle pain.   It would be to your benefit to invest in a cushion to support your neck.

Get a neck cushion before going on your next trip with the girls.  This will prevent a pain in the neck (literally), muscle stiffness and injury to discs.   Invest in a cushion to guarantee you will truly enjoy a getaway with the girls.

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