Travel Purse: Prepare for Take-off

A travel purse is a blessing in disguise when it comes to taking long trips and flights.   A common problem, we women face with our handbags is that many of finding the necessary items get lost in the great abyss of crap that we have stuffed inside.  It can literally take hours just to find that one thing we need when we need it.  Here are somethings you can to do prepare for a smooth take off on your girl getaways.

A week before your traveling decide which purse you will use for your vacation.  Make a list of necessary items to keep in your handbag during your vacation.   This is an incredibly handy tip, if you are taking a long flight and you have checked baggage.

If you will be using a purse that you use everyday, clean it out two days before travel.   This will insure that non essential items won’t contribute to disarray.   Once you have cleaned out your purse, it’s time to get organized.

Follow the checklist of the things you want to carry in your handbag.   IF you plan on carrying any liquid cosmetics with you, then be sure to follow the 3-1-1 guidelines when flying.  Another useful tip is to carry a makeup bag for other random items, such tissues, medicine this way you can easily find them.

Keep the items that you need to frequently access in side side compartments.  Things such as your flight tickets, identification, and electronics you will need to quickly get when moving through airport security.  Once you have passed the checkpoints they can be stored away to a safer location inside of your purse.

Getting your travel purse ready for your next trip will provide you with a pleasurable, frustration free vacation.  Decide a week in advance which purse to use and make a packing checklist.   Follow the 3-1-1 guidelines if you will be carrying any cosmetics.  Keep the items you need to frequently access in side pockets.   Follow these tips and it will be smooth sailing on your vacation.

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