Travel Purses: 5 Fabulous Styles

Travel purses are available in huge plethora of shapes, styles and sizes to choose from.   With so many choices available it’s hard to choose which one top get for your girlfriend getaway. The purse you use to travel with will depend on your needs during travel.  Here are some fabulous handbags styles for your vacation needs.

The strapped travel wallet is perfect for the gals who like to keep it simple.   This purse will hold all the necessary items such as passport, photo identification, credit cards and cash during your travels.   Some even have a compartment for your cell phone.  If you  only want to focus on what’s necessary, then this is the perfect choice.

Backpack style purses are great if you like to be prepared for anything.   There are plenty of compartments to carry along things such as your laptop, magazines, or books.  These can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag.  They are incredibly lightweight and extremely durable.

If you are concerned about looks, then go for the classic design.  The triple zip bag is an excellent choice for commuting and travel.   It contains plenty of space to hold everything you need.   Three zipper compartments to keep things neat and organized while traveling.

Are you really concerned with organization?   The organizer tote bag is the handbag for you.   This bag will keep the most disorganized woman in check.  It literally has separate compartments, for everything possibly imaginable.   There is a compartment for your phone, zippered  compartments for papers, and pockets for pens and pencils.

If you are concerned with your own personal safety and security, then the security purse was made with you in mind.  These purses of a variety of security features such a stainless steel cable in the strap to knock muggers off course.   The zippers are specially designed to lock together so no thief could easily access your personal belongings.

These are the top 5 designs of travel purses.  With several options to choose from you are bound to find one that meets your needs.  Just keep in mind what is most important top you when you travel before buying.

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