Upstate New York Getaways-Experience Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful locations in the nation, it’s the perfect spot for upstate New York getaways.  Be prepared to have your breath taken away by the majesty of the waterfalls.  There are plenty of exciting activities to do during your stay.  Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime.  Pack your bags. Make sure to pack along your passport and don’t forget the camera.  This is one trip you and the girls won’t want to forget.

Be prepared to be amazed when you tour Niagara Falls.  There are so many ways to experience the awesomeness of the falls. You can get a thrilling up close and personal adventure on the Niagara by way of the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour.   Hold onto your hats as you ride the white water rapids of the Niagara.

The Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours offers two different tours.  Taking the Wet Jet Tour will guarantee that you will get absolutely soaked.  You are provided with necessary gear to keep you comfortable and safe along the ride.   Passengers will receive a life jacket, water socks, and ponchos on the tour.

The Jet Dome tour is on a futuristic looking boat. The boat is covered to keep you dry.  The advantage to the this guide is the tours depart whether rain or shine.   The whirlpool tours are available in the U.S. from mid June through Labor Day.   If this is the adventure that tickles your fancy you might want to plan accordingly.

Prefer an aerial view of Niagara Falls?  You and the girls can enjoy the scenery of Niagara by taking a helicopter tour.  You’ll want to bring your camera along for this ride.  Rainbow Air offers helicopter tours.  The company is located in Falls downtown region.

Niagara Falls is an awesome location for upstate New York Getaways.  These are just a few things out of many to do at Niagara Falls.  Be prepared for one adventurous encounter with nature’s most majestic beauty.

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