Preparing for Weekend Get Aways

Have you and the girls decided that once and for all it’s time to go on a weekend get away, but don’t know where to start?   You know what you’re interests are and where you want to go.  If you and the girls are feeling stuck when it comes to the fine details of the itinerary…we’ve gotcha covered.   The internet makes for a great resource for finding information on traveling, destinations and activities.  Unfortunately it can lead to information overload.   Here is a strategy with tips and tricks for you and your friends to plan the perfect mini vacation.

The plan of attack is divide and conquer.  Assuming that you already know the destination you are going, give each girl an assignment.   The assignments are as follows:
– flights
– hotel accommodations
– activities
– food

The person who takes on flight information will need to know the date and time the group want to depart, along with the budget.   There are tons of websites out for flights.  Websites such as Priceline you can land some great deals, such as the Pricebreaker option.  Many websites will allow you to set up email alerts for deals on specific airlines. Another tip to find the best deals is the time you perform your searches.  The best times to search for flights deals is at 2p.m., 4:30 p.m. and midnight.  These times are when airlines release new airfare prices.

When it comes to searching for hotel accommodations this can be tricky.  Often times hotels will not list special rates and packages.  Write down a list of hotels that suit your groups needs.  Then make some phone calls. You can land some incredible great deals this way to suit your budget.

There are several different ways you can go about finding great entertainment during your girlfriend getaways.  If the group is cool with doing the usual touristy stuff, then the city’s tourism website is a good place to start.  Want to live the weekend like the locals do?   Make a few phone calls to hotels in the area to find out what fun activities there are to do in the area.  Alternatively another great method is to check out your local bookstore for travel magazines and books on your destination.

Before researching restaurants and food, talk with your group to see what their preferences are. Once you know the cuisines each traveler prefers then you can begin the search.  A great place to start is the city’s website. You can also perform a search using Google to locate restaurants in the area and read reviews.

Planning and preparing for weekend get away doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Use the divide and conquer method by assigning each person with a specific task.  Your group of friends are bound for an enjoyable weekend.

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