Weekend Getaway Deals- Time Saving Tips

Everyone’s pocketbooks are running on the slim side lately, but that is no excuse not to spend time with your friends.  You can find some great weekend getaway deals for a girls getaway.  If you think you will have to spend hours on end sitting in front of the computer or making phone calls, then you will be pleasantly surprised.  Here are some tips to save you time and money for landing some terrific deals.   You and the girls are worth it.  Right?

There are whole slew of travel websites to plan and purchase vacation packages.  Many websites offer packages on flight, hotel accommodations and rental cars.   You will find if you look closely enough that you can have the discounts and special offers on travel packages delivered to you via email.

Expedia will deliver you the best deals by subscribing to their email list.  Just enter in your email and your home airport.  The deals will be delivered to you as they arrive.  They also list daily, featured, destination and deals by interest on the website as well.

Travel Velocity has a lot of great time saving tools. The deals alert browser tool is an extension that is installed onto your browser.  You will get notified in real time when the deals come in.  Another great tool is the mobile application to get deals delivered to your phone.   There is also the Fare Watcher Plus alert to notify you when the price drop for flights, hotels and vacation packages.   These alerts are delivered by email.

Orbitz also has some great features when it comes to delivering deals.   Like the other websites you can sign up for their email list to get deals delivered to you.  Alternatively you can also subscribe to the daily deals via an RSS feed.   This is incredibly time saving because you can quickly scan through the feed reader of your choice and it won’t clutter up your email inbox.

To find weekend getaway deals need not take up your precious time.  Follow these tips to save you time and money.  No excuses now for  taking a weekend away with the girls.   It’s because you’re worth it!

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