Beach Weekend Getaway: Add Some Fun With the Sun!

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The beach weekend getaway is one of the greatest ways to get the girls together and away from the day to day monotony of work, family and stress.

One of the best times I’ve had with my girlfriends were weekend getaways by the sand and sea. These were moments of relaxation, reconnection and just plain girl fun. This was also before I had a family, and nowadays I think that may be an even better reason to get out with the girls!

Here are a few ideas to make your next beach weekend getaway with the girls more memorable:

If your holiday involves part road trip to make it to the beach, make room for side trips and interesting pit stops for photo ops. Research on your route. Aside from knowing where to gas up and eat, see if there are any sights along the way. Many times when  you are getting to a specific beach destination, you can travel up (or down) the coast and stop and look at some breath-taking sites.

Do some research on other tourist spots and activities in the area. Perhaps a new restaurant or bar has opened. Or hotel may offer water sports such as wind surfing lessons or snorkeling. Sign up for something your group hasn’t done before: go out on a boat or do some horseback riding. This will depend on how populated and commercial the area you are looking at is, but having a group activity doing something you have never done before can be extremely memorable!

If you get a place that is equipped with a kitchen, have a cocktail recipe contest. Make the winning cocktail the signature drink of the holiday.

You can’t be too prepared. A couple of my friends troubled themselves by preparing bags containing sunblock, a small towel, trail snacks, magazines, and bottled water. Great for just lounging on the beach!

Take lots of photos and videos. If you can, have the photos printed out as soon as you can, just a couple of photos per girl would do. I often find myself too busy to email photos the moment I get back into the daily grind, and before I know it the time slips away. If you share the memories as soon as you get back, then everyone will surly appreciate it!

If you live close to the beach already, this is such an easy and inexpensive way to get together. If it will take you a while to get there, then the cost will be a bit more, but compare group rates and go will an all inclusive package. Plan and save for it because it will be worth the memories you will make with your friends.

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