A Few Tips for Weekend Getaways with the Girls

What’s not to like about weekend getaways? They’re relatively cheaper than long holiday vacations. They don’t take too much time away from “real life.” You can pack light.

Weekend getaways also ususally happen in nearby places, which eliminates the troubles of long distance driving, long waits, chasing bus and plane schedules and lost luggage.

They’re also a great opportunity to set all all-girl adventure with your friends. We need the company of women to help feed our souls and some trips are more fun without the men, but shhh! Don’t let them know I said that!

Here are a few planning tips for your next great weekend with the ladies:

Less is more. Too many attractions and activities means hurried walks and shorter tempers. Weekends in a country cottage or the beach help to limit your activities, distractions, and expenses. Another way to go about this is to focus. New York City, for example, offers a lot of various attractions. Focusing on one aspect, such as a shopping holiday or a cultural tour, lets you skip other attractions.

Choose your traveling friends. You don’t have to mix old buddies with new acquaintances. Or office pals with family. Keep the group small. Too big of a group may cause problems that you may not want to deal with like complaints, conflicting personalities, and diversions from what the getaway is suppose to be about.

Do something constructive. It’s great to have a purpose. One of my friends gathered her wine loving pals for a trip to Napa Valley. The real motive was to pick out wine for her wedding. If you and a few friends are redecorating, organize a flea market hunt. If it is just to relax, then plan a spa getaway.

Make sure you take the time to think your trip out with your friends. It will save you time, money, and conflict!

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