Weekend Trips For Girls: Communicate With Your Friends

There are a wide variety of weekend trips for girls you can take with your closest gal pals. Whether you spend a lot or a little in the way of money, you can have a lot of fun just getting away for the weekend. What may be fun for you, though, may not necessarily be your friends’ cup of tea so it is important to communicate with everyone who is going.

While one woman’s idea of a glorious time might be a spa trip, another woman might scream at the thought of spending that kind of money on pampering herself. Some women would just prefer to take a long, hot bath and spend the money on jewelry or clothes.

If you’re planning on going somewhere where there are a lot of activities, make sure there is something for everyone in your party. You don’t want one person left out of all the fun because she doesn’t ski or has no interest in taking wine tours. Most tourist destinations have a wide array of activities but even places that are not actually hot tourist destinations can be a lot of fun and turn into a cheap weekend getaway. The trick is in making sure everyone has a great time.

If you’re going on a shopping spree, opt for somewhere that everyone will want to go, like a weekend trip to New York City. Some women would just as soon shop at an outlet mall as they would on Rodeo Drive so it might be a good idea to go shopping somewhere that has a wide variety of offerings. If you’re going to the Mall of America in Minnesota or the Galleria Mall in Dallas, you can rest assured there will be something for everyone. Just keep in mind that not everyone in your party may want to shop at Macy’s.

Depending on your location, lying on the beach may be just the thing for you and your friends! A girls weekend trip to Miami may be just the thing for you and your friends. You can also check out two of our popular posts for ideas: Weekend Getaway Ideas California or How to Plan Cheap Getaway Weekend with the Girls.
Planning a girls getaway does not have to be that difficult, make it fun! Talk to your friends ahead of time and find out what kind of budget you will be working with. Ask how they feel about doubling up in hotel rooms. After all, if you go away for the weekend with 3 other women, you can get a suite or stay at a nice resort by sharing expenses, yet it won’t cost anyone an arm or a leg. You might even end up saving money this way because many upscale resorts have inclusive amenities, such as Jacuzzis, fitness centers, and indoor swimming pools.

By communicating with everyone involved at the outset, you can ensure that your weekend trips for girls go off without a hitch and that everyone has a wonderful time.

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