Weekend Trips With Girlfriends Don’t Have to Be Jam Packed

One quick search of the Internet and you will notice that weekend trips with girlfriends encompass everything from going to the beach to going on fun filled adventure weekends. However, while some girls just want to have fun, others just want to get away from it all and visit with each other.

If all you really want is to get away from it all and have peace and quiet where you can catch up with old friends, don’t fall for the glitz and glamour that many of the package deals offer. Instead of going somewhere that offers a plethora of expensive activities, opt for scenery instead. That way, you can take long walks and admire the scenery while you spend time with those that mean the most. Cheap weekend getaways do not have to be boring or uneventful! Wherever you go on your girlfriend getaway can be fun just by being together.

Consider a weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona where the red rocks inspire millions each year. While there are luxury resorts and spiritual retreats there, you can also stay in a hotel and enjoy the majestic scenery while you play catchup with your friends. Take long walks amid the splendor and breathe in the fresh air.

Whether or not you stay in a luxury resort in Sedona, you might want to treat yourself to some of the state of the art spa treatments offered there and turn your vacation into a spa weekend. You can choose from a variety of skin treatments or body massages and bask in the pampering you’ll receive.

Instead of padding your itinerary to include every activity possible, choose one or two things that you would like to do as a group and save the rest of the time to spend together. While many women that go on a girl vacation want to participate in a variety of activities, others would just like to unwind and talk.

Believe it or not, one of the best weekends I ever had with my girlfriends was when we rented a suite with a kitchenette and went to a local fresh market and picked out the ingredients for dinner. We cooked and laughed together and enjoyed local wine and fresh herbs. After supper, we watched chic flicks and talked until the wee hours of the morning.

While some of the weekend trips with girlfriends you may see advertised look like a lot of fun, they can also be expensive and so jam packed with activities that you don’t actually have time to enjoy being together. If you really want to connect with your friends, choose a great scenic locale and make your own memories.

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