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Weekends away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life can be very rewarding, relaxing and rejuvenating!  Leaving town for a weekend for a girl getaway, is the best thing to recharge your batteries.    Ladies, you know we often take care of everyone else, and the last person on the list to take care of and nurture is ourselves.  Taking a long weekend with girlfriends is a must to take out time for yourself and your friendships. It is so incredibly important for a well-rounded life.

You might be telling yourself you can’t go because your family needs you to run the show.   Think about how you can run your home after you have had a fun relaxing weekend with your friends, sometimes a break from your everyday life can work wonders once you are back!  The other excuse might be money, if that’s the case here are some tips to find the best deals for weekend trips away:

Doubling up on rooms can save you and the girls a great deal of money.  Get the girls together, total up the cost of the room for your weekend stay.  Split the costs.  This will save you a great deal of cash and you can even turn it into a slumber party!!!

Book destination resorts during down time, and off-season times.  Many resorts will offer special deals in the off-season, such as a two for one deal.  Another tip is if you can getaway during the week, many resorts prices knock a $100-$150 off a night.

Visit the destination website to find  deals and specials.  Often times resorts will offer last-minute deals to bring people in.   You should also check and take advantage of birthday specials, it’s a perfect way to celebrate.

Now you have no excuses to make to take the weekend away with your girlfriends.   Remember these three tips for getting the best deals on your weekend trips.  Double up on rooms.  Visit during the off-season or down time. Look for specials and late minute deals.   I promise you…you will come back home feeling refreshed and recharged.

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